sleeping and dreaming

I've had trouble getting a good sleep lately, waking up several times in the night. Can't remember any of my dreams except for one segment last night...

I was hired on the spot at a Home Depot type place without knowing what I was going to be doing and was told to handle the garden section by my lonesome. The good news was there was no register to man. The bad news was there was no stock put out and there were already customers there complaining about that. I had to scan the tags to find out what plants were missing (while the customers were complaining in my ear), headed out behind the store to a big greenhouse and cart stuff in only to see the stock was wilted and brown-tipped. The customers bitched about that. One in particular got on my last nerve and I told him, basically, to get lost. He threatened to go to the manager. I dared him to. He did. I got chewed out by the manager (he told me I was the worst employee evah!) and I didn't give a fuck. Retail sucks. :oP
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Outstanding! Being a bad employee is mediocre, but being the worst employee is excelling :)
I'm sorry. I think I routed my workday into your nightbrain. :)
Heh, I did think of you as I posted this. It's probably just a rehash though of my own experience in retail looooong ago. I so fondly remember loading 20lbs bags of birdseed into the cars of women old enough to be my great-great-great grandmother. *rolls eyes*