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If my sister has to ask me when I'm going to update I guess it's been a while, so, on with the fluff!

Van Gogh's Starry Night done as a LEGO mosaic.

Vending Machines of Japan - A small look at just what the title says. Of note: the one selling used schoolgirl panties. If it was in any country other than Japan it probably would be shocking. ;o)

Pacxon - 80's arcade game Qix meets PacMan

White Jigsaw - Start with a 4x3 jigsaw puzzle and work up to larger sizes. The catch? All of the pieces are white.
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Schoolgirl panties vending machines were outlawed a year or so back.
Ah, I did not know that. Then again, it's not a subject I'm particularly conversant with (despite all the anime I watch.) ^_^
It occurred to me as I posted that I never did hear if there was ever a demand for schoolboy undies...
LOL...those were great...except for the used schoolgirl panties...ewwwwww.