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mp3 player, outtage, and dinner

Today was laundry & grocery shopping day. On the previous one I had tried to upload new music on my MP3 player but ran into a problem. When I connected it to the computer a Windows Explorer window should have popped up but it didn't. I checked the display on the player and the little animation showing a connection wasn't appearing. I tried replugging the cord in on both sides. Nope. I tried the other four USB slots, a different USB cord, hooking it up to my mom's computer. Nada. Music plays on it but without that connection I can't add any new music. So I went online and filed a claim on the warrantee, got instructions of how to send it back in the mail (at their expense) and received an email with a mailing label to print out. I just barely sent it off today because I was supposed to send all the accessories back as well but couldn't find the line-in cord until the day before. I'm supposed to receive a voucher for a (BestBuy) store card with the full cost amount on it, so, I should be able to buy a better one now that prices have since dropped.

Right before 3pm I had turned on the cooler which I planned to keep on for just a bit and started a download of Hellsing OVA 1. I was just about to start to play a bit of Sims 2 when the power went out. And stayed out for almost an hour. Ack, no computer! Ack, no book I really wanted to read at the moment to kill time! Oh the horror! So I said fuck it all and took a nap. :o)

In other news: had pork chops and sopa de fideo for dinner and then a slice of banana creme pie for dessert. *burp*
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