so, I voted...

...and my machine got taken offline when I was done. Got to the poll location just before it opened at 7AM and was fourth in line - then - third in line as the second guy got a call from work and they wanted him there, like, now. Got signed-in and was given a voting card for the machine. Right after which I told the workers (for the billionth time) that my sister, who was listed before me in the roll, moved away 11+ years ago and could they please take her off. We'll see if it happens this time.

Anyway, slid my card into the voting machine and when I pressed "English" as my language the display didn't change. So I pressed again... and again and again and again. The roving poll working saw me frantically pushing and tried it himself and got nowhere. When he turned around for a second I tried pressing again and it worked fine after that. I made my choices and then got to the end where I could see and verify all my choices on screen (over three pages.) All good. Then I clicked to have the machine print out everything (another verification) and when the tape started to go up it curled itself backward and got caught in the roller. The first page of printing got kind of smooshed together but I could make out the info, barely. I called over the poll worker and he tried to open the printer side-cover to fix it but couldn't get it opened. I continued the other two pages of printing anyway which did get better as it went along. Despite all that I went ahead and pressed the button for the machine to count my vote then turned in my card. The poll worker then took the machine offline until the printer tape problem could be corrected.
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If my memory serves me correctly I've only missed voting in one election and that was because I was sick.

Nothing bothers me more than people who bitch about the Government and politicians yet never vote. And I'm sick of the "but I don't like anyone who's running" excuse. That's a cop-out because they could vote for a write-in candidate.
We can Land a MAN on The MOON.......
.......WHY can't we make a DECENT FRIENDLY-USER & EFFICIENT BALLOT/VOTING Machine.....it can't be that hard........I'm happy to report things went much smoother in H@@TERVILLE where they use an ANTIQUATED System......but it WORKS!!!!! (If it ain't BROKE DON'T Fix it!!!!!)