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close encounter of the reptile kind

uninvited guest
A few years back I planted, actually it's more like threw, a tiny spider plant in the area around the front door. It has since taken over the whole area except for the rosemary bush and one spindly (too far from the water) aloe plant. There was a recent die back of, I'd say, about half of the plants and I figured I really should remove the dead stuff instead of letting it rot there (it's unsightly.) So, with big black plastic bag and hand-rake in tow I set about removing most of it on Saturday. I was almost done, just having reached within a foot of the front door when I got a surprise. I used the rake to loosen the dead stuff in the back and just as I was about to stop and start bagging something darted out to the left.

Normally I equate something darting out unexpectedly to be arachnid in nature but I knew this wasn't. It was small but very fast. It took all of a second, and maybe a half, for whatever it was to run and make it through the small gap under the security door to inside. I cursed, got up and looked inside but didn't see anything (it was too dark.) I opened the door and immediately saw it there on the carpet not more than two feet from the entry: a small brown-mottled lizard. Crap!

It took one look at me and ran under the open front door and behind my mom's book bag. After much chasing and not much smart planning on my part (doh!) I finally caught the bugger under a piece of tupperware. Ha! Then, I slid the container toward the entry but wondered how to get it over the threshold without the little beastie escaping. I got the dustpan and quickly slid it under the container then started toward the entry, but, I noticed movement peripherally to my left. What was it? The damn lizard's tail! It had popped off and was thrashing around like a fish out of water. Ok, I was freaking out a bit after seeing that but I did have the presence of mind to remember the rest of lizard I was holding and took it outside a ways and tossed it. It shot off like a bat out of hell. Then I had to go back inside to get and toss out the tail. Ewww.
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