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Gave myself a haircut on Wednesday but noticed yesterday that I didn't quite get it right in the back corners so I corrected that earlier tonight.

A big congrats to my mom who has been on Weight Watchers for 8 (9?) weeks now and has lost 19lbs. Go ma!

Thanks to vampyrichamsterAfi I've had L'Arc~en~Ciel's Seventh Heaven playing in my brain for the last 40 hours or so. She said Hyde was doing his girly-dance but to me it seemed familiar. Then I realized that's how Pete Burns of Dead or Alive used to dance back in the early days of the 80s. In fact, I'm pretty sure Pete had that hairstyle at one time or another.

If you've missed Marvel Comics' crappy Civil War story line let me save you from wasting your time and money by pointing you here: Civil War in 30 Seconds Yeah, I had the same reaction as in that last frame.
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