reunion passed by

So, yesterday was my 20-year high school reunion and I didn't go. My attitude -- and that of two of my friends/fellow classmates I've kept in touch with -- was roughly, "oh HELL no!" As the date approached, the webpage with the reunion info started posting names of people attending and I found myself getting more and more curious about what fellow band members or guys I had crushes on are up to now. But in the end, I realized even with my growing curiosity I still wouldn't go in a million years. But to be a fly on the wall though...
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It's funny. The high school experience was mostly a positive thing in my life. People were generally nice to me, even the jocks & cheerleaders. Lots of activities to do between band, orchestra and other things. Classes weren't too bad with the exception of history/social studies.

I did though go through depression-like periods but that was mostly due to non-school factors (being gay, parents being split, body issues) that wouldn't go away. Hmm, actually, they never did really go away at all but I learned to deal with them over time.