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114°F/45.5°C out here in the desert. Not the hottest we've hit by far but I'm feeling the need to knock over a bank so I can afford a nice bit of coastal living to escape this hell hole town. Maybe the coke-head in the Oval Office will commute my sentence. I hear he's good at that.

Of course, the temperature could have been worse. 60 miles down the road in Baker they hit 125°F/51.6°C. Fucking-A. Sucks to be them.

Stood home for the 4th. I'd been getting an off and on again headache at the base of my neck all day. I didn't even go outside to watch the utterly fabulous fireworks extravaganza. *rolls eyes* Oh, I did watch it just not from outside. I'm probably about half of a mile away from where they launch the fireworks so I saw the whole show just fine through the kitchen window -- where it's air conditioned and I could eat some yogurt without bugs attacking me. I'd wish they'd just stick with classic fireworks though. They got ones now that turn into giant happy faces when the blow: big yellow circle for the head, two green spots for eyes and a red arc for the mouth. Meh.

Have to call the rental office tomorrow 'cause the toilet's working slower than Congress on immigration reform.

Made ginger pork with peaches and rice for dinner. Ate way too much of it but at least my overeating torpor matches nicely with my overheated lizard torpor. If only I could fall asleep...
Tags: fireworks, toilet, weather
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