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not "and the Banshees"

Got my mitts on a copy of Siouxsie's soon-to-be-released solo effort, "Mantaray". It's starts off strong with my three favorite tracks and then goes back and forth in mediocrity. That was my immediate take on first listening to it a few days ago. Since then some of my initial so-so ones have been growing on me but I still wouldn't add them to the "Good" category. In summary:

The Good: "Into a Swan", "About To Happen", "Here Comes That Day"

The So-so: "Loveless", "One Mile Below", "They Follow You", "Heaven And Alchemy"

The Meh: "If It Doesn't Kill You", "Drone Zone", "Sea Of Tranquility"

BTW, I had previously seen the video to "Into a Swan" and, quite frankly, I wasn't impressed by it.
Tags: music review, siouxsie
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