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Eagerly waiting to vote tomorrow when the polling place opens at 7am. The sooner one candidate is chosen the sooner we can stop the internal party bickering and smack McCain... uh, I mean whichever Repuglican that's chosen... around like a pimp does his least favorite hooker.

Caught up with Torchwood after watching episodes 2 and 3. I enjoyed both I'm glad to say because I didn't particularly like the first one of this season.

Trying to get motivated to start walking daily again (which is the reason I got a music player in the first place) but any zeal I can muster only lasts until I get outside, and then I promptly go back in and get under my bedcovers where it's nice and toasty. Me=lazy, wimpy bastard. :oP
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So the second season's worth watching?

I never really got through the first season of Torchwood.
Based on the first three episodes and what I've seen in the previews for the rest, this season of Torchwood looks promising. As for the first episode, it wasn't that it was bad per se but I was expecting more from it once I heard James Marsters (Spike from BtVS) was going to be in it. I've heard Marsters will be back in another episode later in the season.

Mind you, I'm watching torrents of the BBC version since I don't get BBC America here. I don't know whether the stateside version censors stuff given how puritanical the FCC and advertisers can be.
So, so with you on the walking. It's too cold for that shit, and yet...
Yeah, when I did walking seriously, oh about 3 years ago, I actually walked back and forth along the longest path I could find through the apartment bypassing the weather. Due to the speed I end up walking* and recent packratness** that route would be hazardous to my health these days. :o)

* It doesn't matter how slow I start off I'm nearly running towards the end.
** i.e. boxes and boxes of crapola.

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