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Kitty! 1In the morning two days ago I was watering the potted plants outside when I noticed movement behind me. It turned out to be a kitty... no, make that... OMG!!!KITTEH!!! Such a cute 'lil bugger. But I resolutely ignored it hoping it would just pass by. It stood behind me for a few minutes but did leave out the front gate.

Today I had just boiled some chicken (letting it cool off to shred) and was finishing washing the dishes when I noticed the time. I went to open the garage door so my mother didn't have to. I opened the front door and sitting there staring right at me was OMG!!!KITTEH!!! The moment I made eye contact it started to cry pitifully. I opened the security door a crack ready to step out quickly when the 'lil bugger dashed forward and tried crawling inside. I don't think so kitty! I gently shoved it away with my foot and darted out the door then heading left towards the garage area. From behind me OMG!!KITTEH!! dashed forward a few feet ahead of me and waited for me. I passed it and again it dashed forward and waited. It did that all the way and then back to the front door. I darted back in and closed the door. The moment it closed OMG!!!KITTEH!! cried and cried and cried. It was so tempting to bring it in, but no, I must be strong! I did go outside to give it water and snap a few pictures. (It was ~105°F/40.5°C outside, btw) Back inside I could hear it crying more. So I broke a rule I'd never did before. I took a pinch of the cooked chicken and give it to OMG!!!KITTEH!!! and darted back in. It continued to cry for a while and then it stopped. Ten minutes later I checked and noticed OMG!!!KITTEH!!! and the chicken were gone.
Tags: kitty, stray
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