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My jeans and leg have become causalties of the War On Weather. As usual, my mom and I walked around before we washed this morning just to get some exercise in. There's still random piles of snow around, which were avoided, as well as ice on the sidewalk. But while gabbing I missed seeing an ice patch and promptly fell. As I was falling there was a brief moment where I thought maybe I could stop myself from going all the way down. Nuh-huh. I landed on my knee, tearing my jeans and scraping off the skin just below that. It didn't feel bad at the time but later it started to sting, even so, I still finished washing and grocery shopping. It was only when I got home and got my pants off I noticed how much skin was scraped off. Too much for a Band-Aid, so, I ended-up using leftover gauze and medical tape. I'll have to pick up another pair of jeans at WalMart this week.

Tags: ice, skinned knee
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