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Wii enabled

Last Wednesday at Costco, a Nintendo Wii was bought. A new TV was supposed to be gotten too but... *shrugs* I suppose there's nothing wrong with the one in the front room. It's only 24 years old and not cable ready (which never gets used 'natch), so, I've got the Wii attached to the 20" TV in my bedroom which suprisingly displays quite well.

It was the bowling part that got everyone in my family (it seems) to get the console+game but it has turned out to be tennis that I play the most - even though I'm not too good at it. Now, the manual clearly states to "swing gently." I laugh at this. I swing more like Serena Williams and thank god for the wrist strap. For a nostalgic touch I like to throw in an old-school Monica Seles grunt every now and then. If I keep this up though I'm going to throw both my shoulder and elbow out of joints. But who cares, I'm having fun. :o)
Tags: fun, wii
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