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I'm going to have to take in my monitor to be repaired tomorrow (under the extended warentee.) Most likely I'll get a call in a few days saying it's toast and to come in to get a new one. In the meantime, I'm back to using my oooold 17" CRT at a maximum rez of 1024x768. *eyetwich* Hardly any of my games are setup to use this ancient resolution mode. The text looks so...small and mushy/bleary to me.

It started off with the monitor not quite turning on. The power light would flicker on but then go off with the monitor not subsequently turning on until I replugged the monitor in and out several times. Then today after the replugging kabuki dance the image displayed dim. The thing is though the monitor optons menu appears just fine. Proper brightness and contrast. I borrowed my mother's monitor to see if maybe that wasn't a graphics card issue but it worked fine. When I hooked my monitor back up it refused to turn on at all. Hrm. Toast.

In other news, I had joked about how I was going to hurt my joints playing Wii Tennis but it was turned out to be true. I was hurting enough I had to stop playing for a few days until I created a new Mii to use with my other arm (left) and now I alternate between arms. For a while my left arm had a 200 point advantage over my right but now it's a 100 point difference the other way (1300 vs 1200.)

All spare time lately was been taken up with the Sims 3. I had lots of complaints & grumbles over it but Pes' Awesomemod has fixed & quelled those. Once he gets same-sex baby making working I'll be a happy camper.
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