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I had to go to the library yesterday. I'd almost forgotten my books were due. Oopsy. :o) Checked out four more books, one of which I'd already read but wanted to read again. I know I've mentioned the Friends of the Library at the mall before but I haven't mentioned there's a small room in the library itself with books for sell. I only found one sci-fi book I wanted: Louis McMaster Bujold's "Barrayar". I kept looking through the shelves and saw a book I knew I just had to have: Jeff Smith's "The Frugal Gourmet on our Immigrant Ancestors". I loved that series when I first saw it on PBS and this was the companion book with his little history prefaces for each of the immigrant groups and then some of the recipes. It's such a shame he's not on TV anymore. I never really heard what happened to the show, though I did hear from somebody he was sued for sexual harassment. Does anybody out there know the truth of what really happened?
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