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rain, rain, go away...

So it's about 2:30pm and I'm playing a little of RollerCoaster Tycoon when all of the sudden... CRACK! Lightning strikes which is odd because it's blue sky showing out my window. CRACK! again and now I can hear rain hitting the swamp cooler. The sky starts to go dark. The rain becomes heavier... CRACK! Ok, time to shut off my machine after I save my game... but then CRACK! and the power goes out. Shit & fuck! The power comes back and my machine reboots and then immediately: CRACK! Power goes out again. I turn off the machine. The power goes on for a few minutes and then out again. *sigh* I start unplugging everything. The power doesn't go back on for another 5 hours. It's so weird, no sound of the computer hum, no gurgle from the aquarium power filter, no white noise from the cooler. Just the rain falling... and for a while it poured. I'm talking so heavy and furious looking outside was like looking at a solid white sheet.)

Now, I do love the sound of falling rain, the smell of wet earth and trees, even watching the flashes of lightning but the price for that is no computer time. Therefore: storms=bad
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