Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

from Twitter (last 3 days)

  • Went to ARMC down in Colton (77 miles) to get eyes checked (dilation, woo!), ultrasound of my thyroid & reapply for medical coverage.
  • Ate at Cocos. Over to Ontario Mills Mall for retail therapy (printed tshirt, Godzilla DVD, Sennheiser earphones) then a quick CostCo run.
  • Dear Syfy Channel: watch BBC's "The Deep" miniseries. Make stuff like that and no more Debbie GIbson vs. Tiffany movie of the week crap.
  • WTF? 49ers' 2nd year RB, Glen Coffee, decides to retire.
  • Dear @FoodNetwork: Less competition. More actual food cooking.
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