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today on "It's A Boring Life"...

L came over this morning with an update of the help text for the program. There's not much left to do on it now for me. I want to eliminate one of the unit files since it's redundant now but that shouldn't take me too long. I still have to figure how I want to format the data files for the users when they choose to make a final edit. Ditto with the final print although I'm think that's not necessary any more as a main menu choice since it's available in the editor section which is a more logical place for it.

I had the front door open with the screen door shut this when I heard a meowing. So I go to the door and there looking up and staring at me is a pretty white/black/orange female cat giving the most plaintive cry for food. Yeah right. Sorry cat, that ain't happening. I refuse to feed the numerous strays, however, I do keep a bowl of water outside for them. This is Barstow (aka desert Hell with an attitude) after all and there's not many places where they can get a drop to drink. So I kinda shoo-ed the cat away a bit, refilled the water bowl, went back into the apartment and watched from the door as the cat approached the bowl and drank from it heavily. Blanca showed up while the other cat was drinking. She was rounding the corner of apartment #1 until she saw the other cat and sort of backed off. I'm wondering about her kittens. I heard them from the water heater enclosure yesterday but not today. I'm hoping they won't get stuck in there. Dead kitties=very bad.

Will won BB2. YAY I just wish Monica had won something. *mutters "may Nicole drop off the face of the earth"*

Oh, and I've been picking into my belly button tonight. Dunno why. Maybe I'm expecting to find Jimmy Hoffa hidden there. :o)
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