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Ok, so it was the day before New Year's Eve late at night (or early in the morning depending on your perspective) and I ran across this cheap Top-40 show.
I quickly went to change the channel but then saw the video that started to come on called "Cherry Bomb" by 1 Plus 1. I love it! I immediately went to my friend Mr. Napster and downloaded it. I played the song about 5 times and knew I had to have it, so, I headed over to and went to order the maxi-single. Unfortunately it was backlogged for 1-2 to weeks. The hell with it, I ordered it anyways. :o) So I waited and got an email on the 13th saying the CD would be delieved sometime between the 18 and the 24th. Ok, cool. Only to get another email the next day saying due to circumstances the CD would take another 4-6 weeks to be delivered. I took their offer to cancel the order. I like the song but I ain't waiting that long. In my head I already spent the money though amazon doesn't charge your account until it's delivered, so I went looking for another CD. At amazon I looked through lists made by other account owners and saw that a few songs were on a lot of lists, one of which was "Toca's Miracle". To Napster I went looking for it, downloaded it, and liked it. A few mintues later I ordered it and then got an email yesterday saying it was on it's way (sometime in the next 3-7 days.)
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