today's recap

I ate very unhealthily today: hot dogs and macaroni & cheese for lunch... pepperoni pizza for dinner. Waaaaaay too much pizza. All that lovely yummy cheese is gonna mess with my tummy all night long. Ah well. I'll just take a book with me to the bathroom like I always do. :oÞ

My 49ers and Raiders lost today while the Giants and A's won so it was a mixed day in sports. The A's did manage to clinch the AL wild card spot though! w00t!

No real worries about the kitties being stuck in the water heater enclosure. I saw 3 them running about yesterday being cutely kitty-like. I didn't see the calico colored one though. Hmmm, hopefully the mamma was with that one.

*reminds himself* I need to top-off the aquarium tomorrow.
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