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Redskins lost, imagine that? ;o)

Went to Wal-Mart today for some shopping. Picked up some new underwear since mine were getting holey. Not Holy, holey. :o) The undies were your typical Hanes white briefs; none of that expensive, over-priced, over-hyped crap certain people tend to fawn-over for me. Figured I'd pick up some socks too which I did, but, this time I got the ankle-length ones rather than my typical calf-height tube socks. Got a new polo shirt that I liked and 3 black t-shirts since my current one is more grey than black. I also got the movie "Red Planet" which is typical sci-fi fair I'm afraid but it does have Val Kilmer (yummy) and Benjamin Bratt (yummy) in it. Heh, I was rooting for the robot to tell the truth. ;o)

I had left-over pizza for breakfast/lunch. For dinner was pork roast, peas, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuts.

Oh, and I topped-off the aquarium like I was supposed to. I actually remembered! YAY! LOL
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