peer pressure

I'm posting this only because someone... *cough*bulldawg*cough* ...said I should:

Number of people on my LJ friends list: 12

  • whom I've met in person: 0
  • whom I've met in person more than once: 0
  • whose house I've been to: 0
  • who have been to my house: 0
  • whose precise geographic location I know off hand: 11
  • whose full names I know off hand: 7
  • whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 0
  • who live outside my country: 3 (navarchus, ebby, vampyrichamster)
  • whose journals I consider myself "addicted" to: 11 (Afi doesn't use hers as a journal)
  • whom I've lived with: 0
  • whose ex I slept with: 0
  • who I'd do: 7 (yes, I'm a wanna-be slut)
  • who I've done: 0
  • Current Mood: weird
  • Current Music: Forest for the trees - "Dream"
...*cough*bulldawg*cough*... thats right, chock on it baby...hehehe

If your training to be a wanna-be slut, next time you're in town we'll have to compare our dance cards!!!

Sorry DW...couldn't resist...you're to easy...ooops...there I go again...sorry!!!
How do I "chock" on something, do tell? ;o)

Easy?? Me?!? Never believe what you read on the bathroom walls. :oÞ
The writing on the bathroom walls...damn...looks like mine. Don't worry...I won't send you a bill for the free advertising I did for you...hehehe
who I'd do: 7 (yes, I'm a wanna-be slut)

Well, with 15 on my list I must be Slut-O-The-Year.
LOL No way. Besides, those 15 would kill to have a chance with you. For me, anything more than 1 would make me a slut... relative to past experiencies. ;o)