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a few days recap

Let's see.... on Tuesday I got my new bed delivered by 2 very young, very hot latino guys. No, I didn't stare at them as much as I wanted to. It was a overcast day raining off and on all day long. The power went out locally for about 2 hours. Now, here in Barstow trick or treating is done on the day BEFORE Halloween because on the day itself is the parade on Main Street. That night not many youngsters went out and no one knocked on our door which means lotsa chocolate bars were left over. What to do? *MUNCH!* Didn't get a good night sleep as the bed felt waaaay to hard for me. In fact the next day my ribs were hurting since I sleep not on my stomach or side but somewhere in-between. The next night I used a pillow to sort of prop my body up a bit and last night I didn't have to use it all.

Spent most of the past two nights downloading warez, uh, programs from the Net. Took a while to find the sites I had downloaded them from originally. I did get a newer version of Paint Shop Pro though, still getting used to it. I also realized I could download a hell of a lot of useless programs (well, more so than usual) because I can now shift them to CDs! A packrat's dream!! :oÞ I'm still somewhat in limbo until the old computer gets back so I can transfer my files over to the new machine. Hopefully in the next day or two I'll get a call saying it got back.

With the waterbed gone I can start moving my room around again. The only obstacle now is the aquarium. Ever since getting the new carpet I've been thinking about getting rid of the aquarium. I've had it now for over nine years and I never intended to get fish in the first place. Plus for the last year I've been seriously neglecting it and I've been feeling guilty over that. I guess I'll think about it a little more.
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