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ABC -- the alphaquiz!

snagged from mokie

A - Age : 31 for one more week
B - Best Friend : offline - Jesse; online - Afi
C - Choice of Meat : overcooked hamburger
D - Dream Date : he's breathing, somewhat presentable, and lasts longer than a half an hour. ;o)
E - Exciting Adventure : hearing "you've got mail!" I need a fucking life.
F - Favourite Food : lasagna, pizza, enchiladas
G - Greatest Accomplishment : first time I had sex (hey, I thought it was never gonna happen, ok?)
H - Happiest Day of My Life : see above. no, really, see above.
I - Interests : playing sim games, reading books, listening to my CDs
J - Jealousy : aye, the green-eyed monster has stung me a time or two.
K - Kool-Aid : grape! yummy!
L - Love : "Ohhhh-oh... what's love got to do with it? got to do with it?"
M - Most valued possession : my computer! *hugs computer*
N - Name : Vincent Gilbert Gonzales
O - Outfit I love : plain black t-shirt, faded wrangler jeans, generic Wal-Mart white shoes
P - Pizza toppings : pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, green bell peppers
Q - Question I am asked most : "Has wolfie read Chapter fill_in_the_chapter yet?" ;o)
R - Radio station : as if. I'm in the middle of the freakin' desert!!!
S - Sport : football. something about big burly guys grabbing, tackling and jumping on each other. *sighs dreamily*
T - Television show : Daria hasn't been on in ages. Voyager and Xena are over... probably Stargate SG-1 now.
U - Ur favourite song : none currently stands out better than the rest.
V - Video : music - none; movie - ?? good question. I've been watching a lot of Sister Act lately. something about geriatric nuns singing gets to me.
W - Winter : I love it, California style of course. :o)
X - Xylophone : had a few of them when I was a tot.
Y - Year born : 1969
Z - Zodiac sign : Scorpio. The best damn sign possible!

most of the replies can be found here
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