should have posted these long ago

I AM 31% GOTH.

Goth ny night, normal by day. Deep in my heart I know I am evil, but not on the company's time. I do need to eat.

While I like black clothing and some gothy types of music, I am most definitely NOT a goth. Gizz is the goth. ;o)

I AM 37% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. I never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have friends, and this is a good thing.

I'm very disappointed. I thought I'd score much higher than this. *sigh*

I AM 22% PUNK.

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay maybe some people think I am punk, but is that enough? Nope.

I never wanted to a punk anyway, so there! Nyah!

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