Woke up with a crick in my neck which still hasn't gone away. This happens every once in a while and usually lasts a day or two.

I called L and asked him to bring over the Delphi CD so I could install it on the new machine and he ended up telling me to keep it for now since I'm the one who's really using it.

I didn't vote today even though I usually do. I knew absolutely nothing about the people running for the fire and college board so I didn't feel right picking one at random. The only other thing of consequence is a local school bond. Now, I do want the high school to be updated/upgraded but I'm not happy about the recent talk of annexing the school across the street and then closing the section of Mountain View Road that runs between the two sections.
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Happy Birthday!


Well it is your birthday UK time at the mo'
Get anything nice?
Re: er.........
Know that new computer I've been mentioning in my journal? 'Twas a combination b-day/X-mas present from my mother. Isn't she cool? ^_^ Plus I got one of my favorite types of presents from my dad in the mail yesterday: money! Dunno what I'm going to buy yet. Maybe a new webcam since my old one won't work with WinXP. Maybe some new CDs. I know I do wanna get the new one from Garbage. Maybe some new clothing...? Phhbbt! I want hardware! :oÞ

BTW, thanks for b-day acknowledgement. I just turned 22! *slaps himself* Whoops, I left out a decade. Make it 32. *G*