Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

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*slowly simmers*

Today I had jury duty. Usually I end up spending the entire day in a cramped hot room full of strangers (and ya'll know how much I just love being around strangers) being bored out of my gourd until 5pm only to be told that the dude (or dudette) settled on a plea. This time though I brought a book with me to read but even that I couldn't enjoy being packed into chairs like sardines. This time like last time I actually made it through the questioning by defense attorney and prosecutor. But also like last time the prosecutor used his first peremptory challenge to get rid of me. Bastard. Oh I know why he got rid of me. Someone close to me had been charged with the same offense as the woman in this trial. I specifically told the judge I could be fair but noooooo the prosecutor apparently didn't believe me, in short, that I was lying. I would have called him something nasty if I wasn't convinced I get put in jail for saying it. I ask you this, how can I believe in a system that doesn't seem to want me in it? Bah.
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