Just thinking...

How many ex-FCers are there out on LiveJournal? The ones I know of are:

myself, Village NG
ebby, Village NG
vampyrichamster aka Darklight, Village Min and FC Mayor
mokie aka Nia, Greenfield Min
markfinn aka Covenant, Greenfield Min
eekers aka eekbob, Cinerama Min (@ FC UK)
gizzard City Pubs Min @ FC; Melting Pot, Boozers and head honcho Min @ FC UK
salvanos aka Thrakman, Westwood Min
justthere aka Render Obscura/Queen Of Ice, Westwood Min
richard4339 aka Blackscorpion, Minister
wolfwyrd aka Chaos, Melting Pot Minster (@ FC UK)
straythoughts aka Ingold, Jodrell Bank Min (@ FC UK)
arachne Southbank Minister (@ FC UK)
simuk Skyscraper Min (@ FC UK)
meltinganathema aka Jena, Village NG, is back at LJ
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Well, you officially know of more of us than I do. :)
I was just posting a thought that popped into my itty-bitty head. I do that sometimes. Have thoughts I mean. ;o) Besides, you know all of them except probably Ebby.
Re: Ebby! 8:o)=
Phhbbt! As if you didn't know everyone on that list hamster. What I was trolling for were links to other FCers if ya'll knew of any I didn't mention.

*ponders* You know who needs one? Bacterial loving, slightly insane, more-shades-of-hair-color-than-mokie, but-I'm-not-goth Gizz. :o)
Bah. Goffs.
Mokie wants to convert me to goff music. Goff bandnames make me laff and say many mean things. Goff death haiku gives me digestive problems laffing. Goff lyrics scare the living daylights out of hamster.

No, wait. That's already been done.
Re: Bah. Goffs.
*nods* I think there ought to be an age limit for goths, say, 24 years old? After that they have to turn in all of the black clothing, depressing music, and makeup. Then they'll just have to be bitter like the rest of us. *WG*
Re: Bah. Goffs.
We all become bitter. It's just a matter of when. Heck, some of us were born bitter. ;o)

Hmmm, I've been thinking about Goths and I realized we didn't have them around when I went to high school. Maybe it's because of where I lived or how long ago I went to school. Dunno.
Hamster is thoughtfully cynical.
And laffs and is gleeful when hamster learns that there will be less people to share food with hamster in the world.

Hamster may seem evil, but really, hamster is a nice hamster. Just not goff. But if anyone wants to call hamster deranged genius talent, hamster will be very happy.
Re: Bah. Goffs.
You should try something different like puce, azul or chartreuse. You know, something light and gay. ;o)
Re: Bah. Goffs.
eeeeeew, greeeeeeeen...

Blue's okay, but ewwwww, green...
Hamster likes green.
With a delicious olive oil and herb dressing maybe, or lightly stir fried with garlic.

But green isn't so bad. It's an edible color.
Re: Bah. Goffs.
And yet Hamster writes goff literature and hangs out at Goffic.net...heh.
Dark literature.
Hamster writes dark literature. And just because hamster's friends happen to include goffs, even goff rejects, doesn't mean hamster is goff. Hamster prefers 'alternative sloth variant' to goff, because hamster is not goff.

*paranoid scary look* Hamster cannot be goff. Hamster is hamster. Must. Not. Lose. Identity.
Um. Wolf...
That is Borg, not Goth. And Borgs would not want a dizzy destructive hamster type like me anyhow.
Re: Um. Wolf...
Like I said before... Borgs, goths, whatever. Both dress and think alike. :o)

I will add that Borgs aren't as depressing though, but then goths have the better music. Both of 'em have weird names. ;o)
And their names are almost always deprived of imagination, being the derivative of wilting weeds, dying animals, undead leprechauns and the horribly diseased.

So hamster wanders around as the Vampyre Hamster, to shock and amuse all the silly Goffs at Gothic.Net. Because vampyre hamsters do stuff like that.
Re: Ebby! 8:o)=
Guess who I just passed an authorization code to in eeker's journal? :)
Re: Ebby! 8:o)=
Ooooh, now this will be interesting. He, Say_Ten and eekers have been yakking it up on Tone's board lately.

Ya know, he could have used of my codes. I've 13 of the buggers and I'll probably never use them.
Re: Ebby! 8:o)=
Ah, I just saw his asking for one in eeker's lj. He'd probably already got one from her, but, eh.