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Just thinking...

How many ex-FCers are there out on LiveJournal? The ones I know of are:

myself, Village NG
ebby, Village NG
vampyrichamster aka Darklight, Village Min and FC Mayor
mokie aka Nia, Greenfield Min
markfinn aka Covenant, Greenfield Min
eekers aka eekbob, Cinerama Min (@ FC UK)
gizzard City Pubs Min @ FC; Melting Pot, Boozers and head honcho Min @ FC UK
salvanos aka Thrakman, Westwood Min
justthere aka Render Obscura/Queen Of Ice, Westwood Min
richard4339 aka Blackscorpion, Minister
wolfwyrd aka Chaos, Melting Pot Minster (@ FC UK)
straythoughts aka Ingold, Jodrell Bank Min (@ FC UK)
arachne Southbank Minister (@ FC UK)
simuk Skyscraper Min (@ FC UK)
meltinganathema aka Jena, Village NG, is back at LJ
Tags: fortunecity
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