where was the SPCA?


LONDON -- "The CIA tried to uncover the Kremlin's deepest secrets during the 1960s by turning cats into walking bugging devices, recently declassified documents show.

In one experiment during the Cold War, a cat, dubbed "Acoustic Kitty," was wired up for use as an eavesdropping platform.

It was hoped that the animal, which was surgically altered to accommodate transmitting and control devices, could listen to secret conversations from window sills, park benches or dustbins."

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did you get my happy birthday thingy??

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Yes sir indeedy I got your messages, just recently though. My email is going a bit haywire at the moment so I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I had switched where my LJ email goes to and that seemed make things go wonky but it appears to be working fine now. Thanks for the emails!!

Hope you're not feeling GGGGRRR any more 'cause feeling that way sucks llama balls. Not that I know anything about that. Really. Don't believe what you've read on the bathroom walls; they're all lies!!! ^_^


lies my foot!!!!
you're like one big animal/llama molester ^_^

don't worry - I won't tell anyone ^_^
well I won't - as long as you.....*schemes*

well - hope you had a nice buffday in your little cave you funny little monkey

sure sure
just poke fun at us

you're just jealous you didn't think of it

We Yanks always make fun of Brits (usually concerning the Royal Family though), I thought you knew that. ^_^

Seriously though, I'm surprised no one in Hollywood thought of it either. Since that was in the 60s I'll assume everyone was on LSD and the idea was too tame.

See ya!

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I forgive you Mr Wolf
can't say the same for everyone else though e_e''

idea too tame?
tame my arse!! (as in I don't agree - don't literally tame my arse - I mean you could but I don't think it would appreciate that)

indeed I saw you got the Album de la Garbage - kinda mixed.
I wanted to like it more than I do....although 1 2 and 7 are all cool

*screams unintelligible things*
Stupid stupid stupid stupid bad bad bad bad bad evil evil evil evil evil scientists!

And the cat got a quick death.
Re: *screams unintelligible things*
You're right, they should have used a hamster instead. Bloody smelly things they are. ;o)
Stupid stupid stupid stupid bad bad bad bad
Evil evil evil evil evil *turns blue* mean mean mean mean nasty nasty nasty Wolfie!

*whap whap whap whap whaps him*
Re: Stupid stupid stupid stupid bad bad bad bad
Well it's not as if they couldn't have used hamsters if they wanted, but they needed long tails for the antennas and we all know hammies are lacking in that area. Speaking of tail regions... *looks at her* ...you need to eat more dear. ;o)
Re: Himp.
Silly hamster. Everyone knows hamster's meatiest place is her head. That's due to brilliance... or a giant ego. You can choose which is correct. ;o)