where was the SPCA?


LONDON -- "The CIA tried to uncover the Kremlin's deepest secrets during the 1960s by turning cats into walking bugging devices, recently declassified documents show.

In one experiment during the Cold War, a cat, dubbed "Acoustic Kitty," was wired up for use as an eavesdropping platform.

It was hoped that the animal, which was surgically altered to accommodate transmitting and control devices, could listen to secret conversations from window sills, park benches or dustbins."

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Well it's not as if they couldn't have used hamsters if they wanted, but they needed long tails for the antennas and we all know hammies are lacking in that area. Speaking of tail regions... *looks at her* ...you need to eat more dear. ;o)
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Silly hamster. Everyone knows hamster's meatiest place is her head. That's due to brilliance... or a giant ego. You can choose which is correct. ;o)