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because I'm a lemming...

The NecroBones EVIL-Test
Score: 109 out of 200 (54.5%)

Fairly Evil

You are definitely doing some fine work for us, you evil thing you! We're proud of your efforts to corrupt the world in which we exist. We can only hope that you will continue in your efforts to be destructive and cruel in the future. While you are certainly considered an asset to us, you will find that there is still room for improvement. If you can refrain from killing them, some of the other evil people around you may give you some inspiration or ideas on how you can continue to grow in your state of being evil. At this stage you are certainly prospering sufficiently to be one of our honored friends. Come to the dark side, you know you want to!

*squints* That score is waaaaaaaaaay too low... or else I'm getting better at fooling people. *rubs hands together and cackles maniacally* Yes!

Click here to find out what size you really are

Morty the Death's Head
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