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"Everything for oil"

"By Erica Gies

As we engage in yet another war in the Middle East (the Gulf War, Somalia), some of us turn up the volume on our questions regarding our dependence on foreign oil. While this particular conflict has a huge, extenuating circumstance (Sept. 11), questioning our government's never-ending support for oil contributes to our growth as individuals and as a nation.

In light of the war profiteering bill in which poor, hurting global megacorporations will not only receive billions of dollars in tax cuts, they will actually be paid back their past 15 years of taxes currently winding its way through Congress, various high-profile Americans have been talking about our country's addiction to oil. They are asking us not to allow our government to increase corporate welfare, especially for the oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear industries, in the name of our national state of affairs."

Read more plus responses

link snagged from understanding
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