Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
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No cute quiz/surveys/polls to inflict on ya'll today. I'll do that tomorrow :o)

Tried to update BBP yesterday evening but FC dropped my connections time and again. This morning it was behaving so I got that done.

Got a call from my step-mother yesterday. Given that we never voluntarily talk to each other I knew it had to be bad news. My aunt Lupe had died on Wednesday. I was taken aback at first, but really, I knew it was going to happen sometime in the near future. She'd been in and out of hospitals for the last few years. My dad was in Montana on a hunting trip with a friend but my step-mom got a hold of him. He should be back in Merced late tomorrow.

My dad was the youngest of 7 kids. 2 of them had died before I was born. The remaining 3 aren't getting any younger and I worry how this is going to affect my dad. Before his mother's death there was always family bickering going on but was kept in the background pretty much. When she died all the family crap and arguing came to the fore and everyone has pretty much gone their own way. In truth, the family is so damn large it's probably for the best. I know my dad gets so frustrated at all the things they say behind each others back and how they don't agree on anything.

For months he and my step-mom kept thinking of visiting Lupe but kept putting it off. I just hope he doesn't beat himself over with regrets. My sister has lots of regrets. Being in Georgia she missed having time with my grandparents, my grandmother's brother and now aunt before they've died. I know it's hard on her living there with none of our family living there as well.

The funeral will be this Wednesday in Henderson, Nevada. I doubt I'll be able to go. :o(
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