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*sings along with the music*

After several days of bright clear days today started off partly cloudy and very windy... not surprising since we tend to get long windy periods in the spring and fall here. Then by 1:30pm it got dark the rain began to fall. Ordinarily I'd open the windows since I love the smell of rain (being that rain is rare -- this is a desert remember?) but with the wind blowing the way it was I didn't want rain inside the apartment.

Spent quite a bit of time browsing the NFL team messageboards at ESPN. Gawd, I can understand team players trash talking each other with the whole adrenalin thing happening, but the fans? Geez, fans cursing at each at the drop of a hat, using "fag" way too often, dropping by the boards of the losing team and being ungracious winners... in general being complete assholes. It's wonderful!! Yeah, I'm perverse like that. :oÞ

Don't forget to check out this week's strip at Adam and Andy. James did a great job as usual!

Now, I just need to cross my fingers (and legs and eyes) and hope I can log into FC. Wish me luck.
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