dum dee dum

Not much happening lately.

Getting ready for the huge 49ers / Rams game today. There's no way I can watch it without getting an ulcer so I'll have to record it.

I've got about 12 quizes to post but I think gatallguy would go Mount St. Helens if I did. ;o)

2 people have asked me what CD I want for Xmas so I told them Madonna's "GHV2" and Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girls".

I think I need to turn up the heater for my aquarium. I thought I saw a black neon pass by wearing a fur coat. *G*
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the stuff I type isn't coming up on screen

but you can have *invisible hugs*

kinky ja??

You like Tori? *blinkblink*
Wait a minute...then who was it that told me Tori was a nutball other than Jorge and Kris?

I say she's a nutball, but she's a talented nutball and her voice is good. *hides from Ebby and the Tori Cult*