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*sings along with Annie*

It was a dirty win for the Raiders yesterday just like the 2 previous weeks, but hey, a win is a win. Like last week I couldn't bring myself to watch the 49ers game, opting instead to record the game in my bedroom and watching the Packers-Titans game in the living room in between washing some dishes. Ok, not really some dishes but rather a mountain of 'em. :o)

I meant to update BBP early on Friday but I had slept in, so, by the time I went online I couldn't log into FC. I wasn't able to FTP in until a little while ago actually. I'm thinking of moving the update day from Saturdays to Mondays. That way I won't have to keep trying on the weekends when it's pretty obvious I'll never be able to FTP in.

Had the chance to help make some tamales today with family but I declined. Masa is just yucky to work with and I tend to overcoat the ojas anyway.

Ok, I'm gonna start putting up some survey and quizzes because, damn it, they're just fun to do. I will however not just make posts of nothing but them, or at least I'll try not to. That being said:

See which Ab Fab character you are! click here

quiz made by xqueeniex

As much as I love the two old gals I would never want to be either one of them, so, Saffy is a good choice... although I'm not as uptight or hardworking as her. Really, I'm not. ;o)
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