"3 wise men" is a oxymoron, isn't it?

emailed to me by the ex-LJer known as Bulldawg

  • They would have asked directions.
  • Arrived on time.
  • Helped deliver the baby.
  • Cleaned the stable.
  • Made a casserole.
  • Brought practical gifts
  • There would be Peace On Earth.

  • They would have done a fabulous parade through the "Big B" in floor-length auburn/gold sequined capes to match the "Star of Bethlehem" lighting effects.
  • Arrived early.
  • Helped deliver the baby and dressed it in a gorgeous buttercream-colored 100% Egyptian Cotton throw.
  • Cleaned the stable and redecorated it in a western theme to match the animals.
  • Would NOT have made a casserole -- instead, a flawless entree of Chilean sea bass dusted in cocoa powder, with Guatemalan mangoes in a light chutney mix, mashed potatoes with a light cream fennel sauce, Anjou pears with Grand Marnier meringue swirls, topped off with perfectly ripened Brie and caff/half-caff Cappuccino con panna.
  • The practical gifts would have included several items from the new Martha Stewart Living Collection.
  • Peace On Earth?? How can you have any peace when the entire night screams for a drag number?
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Re: Muahahaha!
If you ever have kids it'd be as momentous as that birth in 2001 years ago. LOL So, how many are you and your squishy going to have? 5? 10? 15? You know those hispanics and their large broods. ;o)
Ugh. no no!
Brood evil! Hamster not want broooood.

Hamster might adopt though. Any mothering thoughts that come from hamster's own body scares hamster.
Is that you in the pic? I mean, it's hazy, white, and looks like it's survived the rinse cycle a few times, but you're cute. ;o)

Damnit. Why are all the good ones out of reach? *weeps*

*readies flyswatter for Vince*
Re: Ebby...
He is a cute lil bugger, ain't he? If only I were 12 years younger... and good looking... and Irish... and rich and... ;o)
Thought Ebby was Irish?

*all present thoughts go out through right ear so past thoughts go into left ear*

And I don't have to worry about him being 12 years younger. *sigh*
am gone for how long?
and you already get a new stalker

how are you WOlf???

Hiya Peter. Everything's going pretty good or at least no major problems.

How went the Christmas thingy at Royal Albert Hall? Sounds too fancy for my taste (anything involving wearing a tie qualifies as that.)

BTW, that hair style sounds, um, interesting? Perhaps I shall call you "the Slickster" for now on? ;o)

*hugs and furtive gropes*
am glad you're OK
or as OK as you feel *pat pat*

THe Christmas thingy wasn't formal at all!!!! LMFAO
Bob the Builder was there Mr Wolf!!! And I was in my German jacket and blah
am sure you'd be lovely in a tie!!!!

the hair was interesting!!!!
It got crushed on the tube going home *sob sob*
aside form that, nothing phased it
it didn't even rustle or anything

don't call me the slickster *shudder*
stick to Peter *hugs*

*slaps wandering hands*

see ya!

Feh. The last two times I wore a tie were at funerals and I was told I looked like a seedy cars salesman. O.o The time before that was with a full tux and was told I looked like a professional pool (billiards) player. o.O

Personally, I think ties are just eeeeeeevil... and perhaps one of the signs of the Apocalypse :oÞ
everyone needs a black tie
it is like, the only tie I wear for school ^_^****

anyway - billiards guy suely better than seedy car guy????

sign of the apocalypse would be something slightly more dramatic me thinks
eg. all the cheese in the world turning into fire

The Wise Men
ROFLMAO!!!! - I forgot about those.....thanks for posting those.....1st time I've seen "The Gay Wise Men" - Hee! Hee!
Happy HoLiDaZe