Bono = Paul David Hewson?

Didja know:
  • Ava Gardener used to be Lucy Johnson?
  • Mel Brooks used to be Melvin Kaminsky?
  • Marilyn Manson used to be Brian Warner?
  • Hulk Hogan was Terry Gene Bollea?
  • Joseph Stalin was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilli?

Find out more at FamousNameChanges.com. Click on "Go" to get beyond the front page.
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You we're on at 1:55AM and I was at work. Dammit...I missed you...again!!!

Actually, I was probably online. The reason you've probably haven't been seeing me is 'cause I've been using the free MSN I got with the new 'puter. I only used IM because it was built into AOL. As it is I've got the MSN Instant Messenger disabled. I'll stick with my ICQ thank you very much. :o)

Oh, and it's "I am Woman, here me roar" not Women. You knew I was gonna catch that, didn't you? heh heh *hugs*
New Computer???
OK...what kind did you get?

thanks...women is now corrected...hehehe

Oh and yes...Merry Christmas. Planning on heading to California sometimes in late Jan. Will probably stop in Barstow on the way back like last time. Doubt it if Ted is going to go with me on this trip.
bloofer girl wonders how livejournal works *WEG*

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Re: bloofer girl wonders how livejournal works *WEG*
LOL What in the world did you look up? Hiya bloofy, glad to see you're still around the Net.

LiveJournal is just a diary-like site but unlike Blogger LJ hosts the journal on its servers. Though, you don't have to use it as a journal, you can post pretty much what you want to (like mindless quizzes and surveys.) Several ex-FCers are here, I made a small list of them here.

Hope to see you around!