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had a funny dream sequence yesterday

I'm re-reading Piers Anthony's "Ogre, Ogre" for the thousandth time and read a bit of it before bed. It shouldn't shock me if my dreams included the subject and it did. Smash, Tandy and the other gals were wandering through a forest, a normal forest, not a Xanthian pun-laced one. It came time to make camp for the night and they settled on a tiny clearing and built a fire. The characters were talking to each and at one point Tandy walked over to rock big enough to sit on and did so. More conversation ensued and someone who I can't remember now (Chem?) asked Tandy a question that made Tandy laugh. Then, Tandy broke out singing Debbie Gibson's "Only in my Dreams" and swayed in rhythm with the song. When she got to the second chorus she jumped off the rock and started dancing as she sang. Just a second later all of the characters started dancing along with her. Have you ever seen a centaur dance before? Very amusing. ;o) At this point it turned into a real dance video where the point of view kept shifting around. After the song they laughed and made ready for sleeping at which point my dream switched to a different subject that I couldn't remember after waking up.

Why can't more dreams be like that? Say for instance, the cast of Law and Order singing and dancing to the Rocky Horror Picture Show's "The Time Warp"? Oooh, Jerry Orbach can be Dr. Frank N Furter and sing "I'm just a sweet transvestite... from Transsexual... Transylvaaaaaania." Now there's a mental image for ya! ;o)
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Well it's always blue and gray...
Or some oddly pastel variant of the above. But yeah, he does switch around his journal's decor a lot. Kinda like his site. I think the current style hereabouts is simple and blocky. ;o)

Hmmm. Considering how much he likes fishies though, I don't remember a time when his site was ever fishy themed...Hey Vince, wanna do a fishy theme?