I've slept for most of the last 36 hours. I was just really very tired. I did briefly have an earache so I had assumed I was coming down with a cold but now I'm feeling fine. Must have been a quick bug.

Nothing of interest to report other than that the Sonique CD was delivered on Thursday and I'm still playing way too much of AoE2. I may just have to get The Conquerers expansion pack for it.
The conquerers is top! buy it!!!!.... just the improvements to farming is worth the expense :o)

we will have u addicted sooooooon :o)
Re: hey!
I had downloaded the Conquerors demo last night and I love being able to queue the farms at the mills. Love it. I wasn't too fond of the Aztec civilization though. Oh, I love the look of the buildings just not the techs available for it. No stable?? Argh!! ;o) Still, I may get it this week.