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IIWD (If I Were Dictator)

Whenever L comes over so we can make some changes to the program we always go outside afterwards to shoot the breeze whilst he smokes a ciggy or two. Hey, as long as I'm upwind of him he can poison his lungs as much as he wants. Anyway, every single time he expresses what he doesn't like about politics, religion or people in general and then say what he'd do if he were dictator. It's been rubbing off on me because I find myself saying "if I were dictator" when something bugs me. I shall now make this a part of my journal as the occasion warrants. For instance...

If I were dictator I'd make it illegal for people to play their car stereos loud enough so that it could be heard from 50 feet away. There's absolutely, positively ##NO## reason to have music playing that loud. Period. It's noise pollution. 1st offense violation would be a $1000 fine. 2nd offense would be $10000. 3rd offense would be a mandatory sentence of 3 years in jail. After that it's life in prison.

If you think that's too tough then don't ask what the sentence would be for people using leaf blowers before 9am.
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