just out of curiosity...

How loud do ya'll snore?

I don't snore (and I'm sticking to that story.)
Barely audible. You'd have to be right next to me to hear me.
Noticable. You can hear me in the next room.
Loudly. You can hear me on the other side of the house.
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... Apparently.

I've no evidence of it myself! (but apparently I snore loudly enough to rattle my door).
It can be hard to know whether you do or not because people may not want to hurt your feelings (and are willing to hurt their eardrums.) Plus you can go most of your life not snoring and then start as you get older. My father and I have always moderately snored. My sister just barely. My mom never did until a few years ago and still half doesn't believe me when I tell her she does now.
First I ever heard of it was a couple of months ago...

I guess I'll have to wait until Resonant has to resort to walloping me with a pillow before I find out for sure... ^_^
Let's see...
I snore when I sleep sitting up, and I drool too. Usually happens when I'm in the car. Then I look like an invalid of some sort.

I'm told I snore when I sleep, but that was cos of my hyper infected tonsils and the wheezing lungs.

Otherwise, I don't snore. I just never wake up.
I've never kicked anyone out of bed for snoring...as long as his warm body is up against mine!!!

Was hard to believe that I snor until my roommate decided to videotape it one night. And boy was I embarrassed when I saw the tape. The bastard decided to pull down the covers, too!!!