Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

this week's Quakescope

Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21): You can make some money if you get involved in a conservative financial prospect that is presented to you. You are able to make changes in your home that will be beneficial to all involved. Your best game day this week will be Friday. You can be proud of any extra efforts you've made to improve the community, your hard work is not going unnoticed. Your clan may be in need of some extra direction right now, step up to bat and take on the task, or ask for some help if you already lead the group. Your best games will be played on space and other floating style maps. Your best weapon will be the Grenade Launcher.

Valentine's Lovescope: You feel like you've got a fairly clear perspective on life and love. Things will go well in your relationship this year. Try not to think so much, just follow your heart and take risks as needed. Most compatible signs for Scorpio are Cancer and Pisces.
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