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Started having a tooth ache the day before yesterday. I took a aspirin and it went away. Yesterday and today it keeps coming back. It's a dull constant pain not a piercing one. I've been popping aspirin which controls it so it's not too bad except...

DAMNIT, it shouldn't be hurting at all. Why? Because that particular tooth is dead. I had a root canal on it 3 years ago which left it no more than a place-holding stump. It's shouldn't be hurting, so, I'm wondering maybe if it's not a toothache at all but an infection?

Back 3 years ago that tooth was in so much pain I was reduced to crying and serious compilation of pulling out the tooth myself with pliers. I'm being serious here, no exaggeration, it was that bad. After the x-rays were taken at the dentist I was given a choice of extraction or root canal. I chose the later because, well, vanity I suppose. The root canal itself was extremely easy and painless except for the shots. I did get an infection though and was given antibiotics to get rid of it. I'm now trying to remember what the infection felt like because I'm getting more sure that's what I have now.

The thing is that I never get just a toothache. Along with it comes an ear ache, pain & stress in my shoulders muscles, and pain in the head akin to a sinus attack. So far I'm just taking over the counter meds. If it gets worse by tomorrow I'll take some prescription stuff that's in the cabinet.
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