that tooth thing

The pain subsided on Sunday and hasn't hurt since. I chewed on lasagna Sunday and pork chops + Rice A Roni last night and everthing seems a-ok. I've been thinking about it and realized I've been using toothpicks a lot lately to get food particles out of my widely-spaced (seems like to me) teeth. Perhaps I dug a bit too much around that tooth which allowed bacteria to run amok. *chants in sing-song fashion: "Amok! Amok! Amok!"*
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Be more careful in future, young man! ^_~

Pleased to hear it seems to have been a false alarm, though.
Danke kind sir. I'm just glad I didn't make an appointment based on panic. If I did that I'd be parked permanently on a psychotherapist's couch. :o)
Hey, cool!
That's really great. :o)

Just stop poking yourself incessantly next time...there must be other people who'll do that for you. :oP
Re: Hey, cool!
*raises an eyebrow* You mean like a certain vampyre hamster who likes to prick my ankles with her teeth? ;o)
keep on truckin' Mr Wolf

just don't get ill any time soon
we still need hugs you know u_u