and yet I will still vote tomorrow

I'll be glad tomorrow once the primary elections are done with. No more negative ads on the TV until the fall, ok, maybe late summer. No more annoying phone call recordings of candidates peddling themselves. No more countless mailing leaflets coming from unknown shadowy groups pushing certain candidates, endorsements that were paid for, etc... <sarcasm>Ah, I just love American... no... Californian politics.</sarcasm>
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The thing is that the phone calls were about candidate and issues I was planning to vote for. After the first 5 calls or so I just hung up on the calls as soon as I realized what the were.
At least you were lucky enough to get calls from someone you would of voted for in the first place. I was always unlucky enough to get the calls from the people I won't even give the time of day to.

Miss you a whole bunch on AIM...I'm there anxious awaiting your return!!!