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I've been a bundle of joy lately haven't I? I need to think of positive things or even just take notice of small things. Like: I just realized my calendar was still on February so I turned the page to a really nice lighthouse picture. According to the caption it's "Hecta Head Lighthouse, Devil's Elbow State Park, Oregon". Nice picture. Calming picture. There'll be plenty of time for negativity tomorrow once the poll result start coming in.... hours after every TV station will have declared/projected their own winners based on flimsy exit polling results.

Erm, back to that positivity. *chants* ooooohm... oooohm... oooohm... (oh my how silly this sounds) oooohm....
Hi! I noticed you have anti-Eminem listed as an interest of yours. Just like me ;) I recently made an anti-Eminem community antieminem if you'd like to check it out and join. Thanks!
P.S. I love your layout!