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so far today...

I had woken up just before 9am, turned on the computer and then dashed off to the bathroom. Finished my business went online for a short time to check up on a few journals. Headed over to the kitchen and put some leftover pasta in the microwave to zap for 3 minutes. I needed some caffeine so a Pepsi was in order. After devouring the pasta I jumped in the shower and got myself squeaky clean. The hot water felt sooooo good I almost didn't want to get out. But I did and dressed myself in a black polo shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. I had to search for my voting guide that I had already filled out previously and with that in hand I walked down to the Seventh Day Adventist Church which is my usual polling place and is about 3 blocks down. Usually for years there are 3 old ladies acting as clerks but this time two early 20ish youngsters were there. One little blonde waif-life girl. The guy was thin, brown-haired & brown eyed, with a scruffy few-days-old beard. Sorta cute looking in a geeky kind of way. Anyway, I got the ballot and thanks to the guide I had filled out I was done in just a few minutes. From there I walked down Broadway then down Armory Road towards WalMart. Just as I got to the armory and turned my head to look for some buff military types (which there were) the left lens of my glasses just pops out. *sigh* With as much dignity as possible I picked up the lens, which didn't break or even get scratched, took my glasses off and kept on walking. The screw wasn't loose so I tried pushing the lens back in which worked, thankfully. Got to WalMart and just looked around for a while. I picked up Cher's "Living Proof" which I had almost gotten 2 days earlier when I had gotten Kylie's CD. Looked around a bit more and went to the check out station in the Garden section. The girl smiled and said "Hi" then looked at the CD. She called out to her fellow co-worker "Hey, Cher's blonde now!" To which I replied "Oh no, that's a wig that she's named Meg". She grinned and I thought to myself "yeah, uh huh, I'm such a queen." Not so much for knowing that but for saying it loud. ;o) Anyway, the walk home was uneventful and when I got home I threw out the trash & pizza boxes. I think I scared the heck out of the cat that was in the trash dumpster when I tossed in the trash bag. Anyhoo, now I'm listening to the Cher CD. Peace out ya'll. Word.
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