luvs me dad

My father and I don't really talk much. Neither of us is much of a conversationalist especially over the phone. My sister has plenty of theories why. Anyway, prior to the death of my aunt Connie a little over a week ago she had requested that people make a donation to a local Hospice in town (Merced). My dad ended up making a donation in my and my sister's name. Aww. Although he'll never see this post (he's not even online) I just wanted to say, "I love ya dad."
Thanks Mike. It's just a sad fact that both my parents were the youngest of large families and everyone is now entering the age group were deaths occur more frequently. A fact I'm not particularly happy about but that's life I guess.

And yeah, although dad's sort of an enigma to me sometimes (and I to him I'm sure) I do love the old sod. ;o)