Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

just freaky

Got woken up this morning by a call of nature. Rushed to the bathroom and sat on the throne for while when my stomach started grumbling. Ok, so I was hungry right? Well, then it started to make this gurgling noise which I usually associate with having the onset of diarrhea. Ooookay. Then a third noise, which was sort of a low rumbling quite distinct from the hungry growl, started. I thought, "Hmm, that's odd." Then these other noises, weeeeird noises, start happening and I swear I started to wonder when the alien orchestra moved in. I mean, one of the noises could be best described as a mouse being strangled. All the while I'm still sitting on the toilet listening and listening. This goes on for about a half an hour or so until I thought "fuck it" and jumped in the shower. By the time I had gotten out the noises had stopped but I still can't figure out what the heck that was. All of that from my tummy. I half expected one of those Alien(tm) chest-bursters to pop out. Since this morning though everything has been normal. Weeeeeird!
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